Landscaping is one of the first things visitors see when they arrival at a property.

ProGreen Landscapes understands the importance of this, as it not only adds curb appeal, but enhances the value of your home, community or business.  Here at ProGreen we have the knowledge to design a program specially formatted to meet all your needs and a strong team with the training and experience to get the job done.

At ProGreen our team’s mission is to get to know each of our customers likes and dislikes, ensuring we are always exceeding their expectations. This is done by paying close attention to detail while providing outstanding service accompanied by great customer based relationships.

Freshly mown lawn and trees in a golf course


ProGreen Landscapes mows at a height of 3- 4 inches to encourage dense turf and to help chock out unwanted invasive weeds. All Mowers our commercial grade and blades are sharpened regularly to minimize turf tearing and disease.


Mulching/Weed Control:

All landscape beds, walkways and drives will be maintained by hand and with the use post-emergent herbicides. This ensures weeds are controlled throughout the growing season. The use of a granular pre-emergent herbicide is also applied to landscape beds prior to any mulching to help control invasive weeds for 6-8 weeks.


Annual flowers:

All annual flowers are planted, fertilized and water in, to enhance landscape appearance. Annual flowers are normally rotated throughout the season to provide lasting color.



All shrubs will be pruned or sheared to their proper form or shape to fit into the given landscape plan and to maintain a neat and uniformed appearance. This is essential to help promote a healthier plant life.

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